Architecture : Interiors and Exteriors / by Epiphany Knedler

When I began exploring photography, I have been drawn to architecture and structures. I use different compositional techniques to investigate different types of structures. The variety of architecture includes utilitarian structures as well as personal aspects of the home. These photos were taken in different areas of the country, which vary in culture, social structure, and economics. I will continue to explore architecture and research elements of design employed by these structures.

Architecture plays a large role as the structures which support our lives. Whether we are seeking protection from the elements or looking for care at our home, these buildings provide a sense of reliability for all. Buildings vary in design, purpose, and construction. Architects must take many aspects into consideration when creating plans for a building, including purpose, environment, form, and aesthetics. There is an intersection between design and function in architecture, where the end result must be striking and support utility. The dichotomy between interior and exterior is often a difference in the public and private. Exteriors are what is shown to society, usually kept up, while the interior is private, varying in views.